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Decking Maintenance Adelaide, Melbourne, Adelaide Hills - Timber Decking Restoration, Staining, Oiling & Coating Repair Service.

At Decking Maintenance we specialise in: 

  • Timber Decking Maintenance

  • Timber Decking Restoration

  • Timber Deck Oiling

  • Timber Deck Staining

  • Timber Deck Coating Repair

We pride ourselves on delivering quality and effective workmanship.

The right timber decking coating maintenance protects your timber from the elements and keeps your deck looking great for many years.

Our aim is to provide the very best professional service. 

How our service works

We visit your premises to inspect the job, then provide you with a fixed price quote. 

Once you accept the quote, we’ll then book in a suitable time with you to start the work.

We service areas within Adelaide, the Adelaide Hills & Melbourne. 

Other Information:

How long does a deck coating last?
This depends on the type of coating and exposure to the sun. Most decking products generally last between 6 months and 2 years in direct sunlight. 


How often should I coat my decking?

We recommend reviewing your deck coating every 12 months and recoating before deterioration of the coating occurs. 


How long does it take for a deck coating to dry?

For a water based decking product- 1-3hr before recoating, 3hrs rain ready, 1 hr touch dry, 24hr walk on, 7 day replace furniture. 

For a decking oil – 4hr before recoating, 24hrs rain ready, 24-48hr walk on and replace furniture.